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Pulsed Electromagnetic
Frequency - PEMF

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  • PEMF stands for Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequency  

  • Basically, magnetic therapy, PEMF uses electricity to create a magnetic field 

  • There is “bad EMF” such as from cell phones and towers, electrical wires, microwaves, etc. (sometimes called  dirty electricity). However, with different settings, there are healing EMF waves. 

  • EMF waves on a pulsed setting is an important characteristic of the healing way to use magnetism

  • EMF treatments are painless, passive (no effort required) and non-invasive

  • Typically, treatment involves lying on a treatment mat for about 30 minutes. Sometimes, an additional treatment pad would be placed on an area of concern

  • EMF, and specifically Pulsed EMF (PEMF) are highly effective in treating pain, injuries and  nearly all  health conditions 

  • PEMF works at the cellular level by two main methods

  • 1) increases cell permeability so that toxins, waste products, etc. may exit, and more oxygen and nutrients can enter and 2) provides energy (ATP) to the cell for needed processes

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