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I wish I had found you 20 years ago! - Barbara

Working in the therapy world, I am very selective about which therapist I go to. After my knee surgery, I just wasn't getting results at another PT facility until I came to see Kristin. Now I am pain free and able to walk without my knee giving out. - Matt

I've had chiropractic, massage and physical therapy in other locations/states and nothing has fixed my hip problem until I came to Therapy Pros. - Alice 


After a high impact skiing injury, my orthopedist recommended PT for my shoulder but said I would probably be looking at surgery.  Therapy Pros did laser and dry needling which greatly reduced my pain. I was able to start sleeping at night  after just a session or two. I was able to avoid surgery and have full , pain free function of my shoulder. Thanks Therapy Pros! - George

I was having numbness and tingling in both arms and couldn't sleep. I was scheduled for MRI testing but came to Therapy Pros first. My symptoms were eliminated and they and showed me what to do to prevent them from coming back. I'm so relieved! - Megan

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