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Near Infrared Sauna (Photobiomodulation)

Come experience the warmth, glow and benefits of our Near Infrared Sauna, also known as photobiomodulation.  What is it? It is exposing your tissues to the red part of the light spectrum. There are no harmful UV rays (or tanning effects), only the enveloping warmth of the red light.


There are different types of infrared, but near has the most health benefits and can penetrate up to 9 inches  into your body.  At very specific wavelengths, red light is healing to everything in its path. This includes skin, fat(!), tendon, bone, nerve, etc.  For example, people with nerve damage such as diabetic neuropathy often are not able to find relief with any drug or modality. Enter infrared and pain is reduced 30% in one visit.  This debilitating pain is often eliminated in a handful of visits. We have seen it at our clinic!


Many people think of saunas for detoxification purposes. It does achieve this, but the primary effects are from the light making a chemical change in your tissues. Think back to science class and remember how photosynthesis in plants was a photo-to-chemical change (this is similar).  

This technology is rejuvenating to skin, even reducing wrinkles. It's so good, it even shrinks fat cells. Sessions range from 20-30 minutes.

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