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Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment 

TP new HBOT pic.HEIC


We offer Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy or mHBOT. We have a soft-sided chamber that pressurizes your body to 1.3ATM while wearing an oxygen mask. This entails lying in the light, comfortable chamber and enjoying healing.  The session provides oxygenation of tissues at 20x the normal levels, bringing extraordinary healing to all tissues.  It has been especially helpful for those with head injuries/brain damage,  strokes, pneumonia , long-haulers and much more. We encourage you to search HBOT benefits online as there is a lot of good information (too much to include here).  


A good reference is Amen Clinics (search HBOT) 

Dr. Mohammed Elamir (study shows it reverses aging!) (search HBOT)

We have had success with a variety of diagnoses, including post-virus/long-haulers. 

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