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Effective Relief from Virus -related effects:

 including Long-Hauler's Syndrome, loss of smell, fatigue, brian fog, pain flares and more

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 We have been successfully treating patients suffering from a  variety of virus-related symptoms for

several years. Our methods include drug -free, non-invasive, easy  sessions.  Treatments are custom


tailored and  specific to your needs. Physical agent modalities such as pressurized oxygen, infrared


light therapy and magnetic therapy have been able to change lives and return people back to their


prior level of function  ( or better!)  See descriptions below. 


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy , also known as HBOT, provides 20 times the normal amount of oxygen through all tissues. It has been a leader in virus -relief protocols. We have had several patients regain their sense of smell in just one visit. 

Others have been able to eliminate brain fog/confusion, elimination of sleep problems, elimination of fatigue  and been able to return patients to work and back to  their lives. 

As part of the session, we monitor patients blood oxygen levels, and have been able to bring oxygen saturation levels from 85%

( pneumonia) to 95% in one session. 

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